Man Punches 2 Females, Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison

Criminal Jailed Thanks to Security Camera Footage

On Monday, February 25th 2013, a man was sent to prison for four years for physically assaulting a 16 year old girl and a female university student.  These two crimes were committed by 35 year old Michael Ayoade over the past two years.  Originally from Nigeria, Michael violently punched both of these females in Plaistow, east London, leaving them both unconscious on the ground.

The most recent charge, on November 13th 2012, was for punching a 16 year old girl in the head and breaking her three teeth when she fell to the floor.  According to Prosecutor Joel Smith, Ayoade said that she “looked at him in a rude way” and he could not carry on through his day having taken such “an insult from a little person like that.”

The other attack was in late 2011, on Danielle Montieth, a female university student which was sent to the hospital with a broken tooth.  Like the most recent attack, this one was also just one punch that knocked the victim to the ground, unconscious.

Thanks to the footage of a nearby CCTV security camera system, the criminal was identified, found, and sentenced to four years in prison.  This goes to show how important CCTV and security really is in society.  If it weren’t for the security camera footage this man would not be in jail for his crimes and justice would not have been served.  To view the original story, click here. Visit our Homepage or Blog today for more CCTV and security related news.

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