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1080P Security HD DVR

Presenting the 1080P HD DVR : The Solution of CCTV

HD security video is here and we’ve got it! You can now record high definition images with startling clarity using our HD DVRs, which are available in 4, 8, and 16 channels. They not only store stunning, beautiful surveillance video, but they also serve it up in a fast and flawless format using our exclusive dual-buffering merge technology that is designed for users who depend on remote, on-the-go viewing that matches their lifestyles.
SDI (Serial Digital Interface) is a SOLID technology that is popping up everywhere. SDI provides ease of use, installation, and fantastic high definition images in 1080p format. People who are upgrading to SDI camera technology need an equally fantastic DVR/NVR to store their video. High definition over standard coax cable is a huge upgrade!
For customers who are just breaking into surveillance networks and video recording, or for those on a tight budget, we introduce them to our entry level Karbontech DVR product line. These kits are labeled “economic security” in price only. Check out the models below – you’ll even find a fast-deployment 4 camera DVR kit that has everything you need in one package – the perfect “fire and forget” video surveillance system for customers who need something NOW!
Karbontech Security Camera System

4 Reasons To Get An Indoor Security Camera System from Planet Security USA

4 Reasons To Get An Indoor Security Camera System from Planet Security USA

Planet Security USA is your one stop shop for all surveillance, security cameras, DVRs, access control, and CCTV accessories. We are located in South Florida and offer free shipping for all orders over $99.99 on our website at

Here are the four reasons to get this Indoor Security Camera System:

1. Protection

Getting an indoor security camera system from Planet Security USA will help you by protecting assets from employees and customers, alike. Video surveillance systems minimize theft and increase loss prevention for all businesses, stores, restaurants, and homes.

2. Quality

At Planet Security USA you will only find the highest quality products for the lowest prices. These security cameras, DVRs, access control systems, and CCTV accessories are tested thoroughly before being sold to our customers.

3. Night Vision

Theft normally occurs in the dark. The most important option for security purposes is to have night vision security cameras to be able to see what happened and to identify criminals. Planet Security USA has the most effective night vision cameras on the market at this time.

4. Remote View

Whether you would like to view your cameras footage live or from a week ago you can do it from wherever you are. The remote view allows you to use any computer or phone to access your DVR when you are at home or on the go, at all times.