10-25-13: Funny Surveillance Fridays

Funny Surveillance Fridays

Here’s a video of a bunch of truck drivers that don’t seem to read road signs. Unlucky for them, huh?

10-18-13: Funny Surveillance Friday

Funny Surveillance Friday
For this weeks video we watch the worst driver in the world trying to leave a parking lot in the quickest and most efficient way possible.  Apparently this person just couldn’t handle it.  Have a great and safe weekend friends!

10-11-13: Funny Surveillance Fridays

Funny Surveillance Fridays

As you can tell from the following surveillance footage, amateur robbers never win. These CCTV security cameras have caught a group of inexperienced robbers, attempting to steal an ATM from a gas station. Little did they know that the gas station was very close to the local police department. They failed miserably and are now sitting behind bars.