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11-15-13: Funny Surveillance Fridays

Funny Surveillance Fridays

Another Funny Surveillance Friday equals another group of amateur, unskilled robbers doing a horrible job at being criminals. Have a great weekend everyone!


11-1-13: Funny Surveillance Friday

Funny Surveillance Fridays

Today we view a funny clip from a show on Tru TV. This one is about a thief who tries to rob a Subway restaurant. The store manager just wasn’t having it.

9-13-13: Funny Surveillance Fridays

Funny Surveillance Fridays

Here is another pair of stupid criminals! These guys decided to try to rob a CCTV store! Did they really think they would get away with it?!?! Always remember friends, crime does not pay! Have a safe Friday the 13th and a great weekend.

6-21-13: Surveillance Fridays

Surveillance Fridays

This week we watch a man who was caught faking a hit and run accident! If it weren’t for the outdoor CCTV surveillance system in the street, he would have never been caught. I’m sure he’ll think twice before faking another accident!

Have a great weekend friends!